About Us

Core DigiStrats Mission

At DigiStrats we buy digital assets & online businesses, restructure operations & exit or hold for long-term passive income.

Additionally, we provide website brokerage services including sell-side brokering where we value your digital asset, prepare all marketing materials & facilitate the sale while maximizing your digital asset’s valuation.

For buyers we provide the top digital assets to acquire by carefully vetting any opportunity extremely thoroughly before introducing it to our buyer network. Our focus is always on quality and not quantity meaning we would rather represent 2 or 3 potential quality acquisitions rather than dozens of untargeted & declining digital assets.

Experience of the DigiStrats Deal Team

Our experience in investments & online businesses is vast. We’ve currently executed the following transactions:

  1. Angel invested & built a portfolio of marketing software companies in the video & social media markets successfully bringing over 50 products to market in the past 4 years
  2. Angel invested in a mobile app startup that grew into spanning 10+ countries, boasting 200,000+ users & subsequently raised over $4 million increasing the value of our investment by over 100%
  3. Acquired, restructured & monetized over 10+ digital assets including softwares, plugins & themes


DigiStrats Research Reports & How-To Guides

If you’re interested in learning about how to buy & sell websites & online businesses with abnormal returns sometimes even in the range of 30% to 100%+ (sorry but sub-S&P500 returns in most mutual funds with exorbitant fees don’t cut it for us) we serve as a hub of information. All of our “how-to guides” are written by our team to document our actual strategies that we use. The uniqueness about DigiStrats is often we write the articles to serve as a “how-to guide” for our team and then publish it as we realize that if it’s useful internally then our community will benefit from gaining inspiration from how we run our business.

If you would like to dive into internet private equity (buying & selling micro-cap cash flow positive internet/tech companies), angel investing into startups & how to operationally run a successful business then check out our reports where we cover:

DigiStrats Products & Services

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Giving Back through the DigiStrats University Program

For our audience under the age of 30, if you want to meet me and learn everything I know apply to our free DigiStrats University held in Manila, Philippines once a year. Check it out here.

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We appreciate you visiting our website. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us here: http://digistrats.zendesk.com