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If you’re looking to buy a business then sign up to our Exclusive Buyer Community below.

We do more than just send emails about our new deals – we work with individual buyers to understand their criteria, strengths & challenges.

We differ from traditional brokers by:

  1. Consulting with you to narrow down your interests to the type of business model you will target (SaaS, eCommerce, Lead Gen, Content, etc) & discuss your precise strategy
  2. Selectivity where we only representing a handful of sell-side deals that have been thoroughly vetted and that we believe in
  3. Connecting you with other buyers based on your strengths & weaknesses to help form complimentary buyer partnerships & alliances
  4. Sourcing & introducing you to deals from other brokers based on your criteria – our philosophy is that even if one of our deals isn’t right for you if we can help you achieve your goals we’ll do business together down the road

For example, a potential buyer came to DigiStrats from the corporate world of consulting. He had a significant amount of capital because of 10+ years of consistent high-paying corporate positions but almost zero experience with marketing or online businesses. We created an AdSense / Content strategy for him helping him narrow his options to more passive plays. We recommended to buy a site with multiple partners who have SEO / AdSense / Content experience as one of the major risks of this potential buyer was his lack of experience, which could potentially result in him purchasing a very lucrative digital asset that disintegrates solely due to the lack of experience & lack of time commitment from the buyer. We are currently connecting the buyer with potential strategic partners to help him form a consortium interested in similar AdSense / Content plays.

We provide a unique opportunity to join our close-knit community of serious buyers. Access to this community is extremely selective, limited and will only be approved based on your application.

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