Private Equity Business Acquisition Internship Program

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Hey future buyout tycoon!


  1.  No this is NOT an offer where I’m going to get you on a call and try to upsell you on a 5k or 10k package. This is exactly how it sounds. An internship with me where I teach you everything I know and we both benefit together.
  2. You do have to move to the Philippines. If you aren’t flexible, don’t apply. Sorry but myself and my team will need to work with you in-person to instill the knowledge you need to acquire, build and manage our portfolio companies.
  3. You can be any age. This isn’t just for college kids. It’s for go-getters who want to learn.

So what the heck am I talking about?

I get results. I’ve built multiple 6-figure and 7-figure businesses. I’ve acquired businesses. In fact I’m behind the scenes pulling the strings of some businesses you may know and you have no idea that I do it or how I do it.

And each person that I’ve worked with to help build a 6-figure or 7-figure business did exactly what I’m offering to you: an internship.

This meant hardcore training where I teach you everything I know about acquiring 7-figure businesses with limited capital, managing your portfolio passive, 6-figure software product creation, webinars, copy & internet marketing.

Why do I do this?

Well I acquire a business and I put you in as CEO if you’re a good operator, I always need more acquisition targets sourced & if you want to participate in a deal & you’re the right person I’ll let you do it. I have so many ideas & potential acquisitions that I need people to help execute them. In the process I make you a lot of money too so it’s a no-brainer. And I might even give you some equity in the business as well if you’re a top performer.

The DigiStrats Internship

I’m going to select 1 person to be my intern. My protege.

That person is going to pack their bags and move to the Philippines where we have our office. It’s nice. It’s in Makati & even though you may think of the Philippines as a third world country it’s probably fancier than where you live – our top concern is people don’t want to move here!

You’ll intern here for 2-4 months at our office helping with deal sourcing, acquisitions, software dev, copy, on webinars, learning the ropes.

I’ll join you there for a few weeks too.

After the internship you’ll either get sent back home because we decide we’re not a fit for each other or if you survive I’ll give you a significant opportunity within one of our acquisitions.

It’s hard work. It’s tough. Don’t do it if you’re not prepared to work your butt off. We frequently work 60 to 80 hour weeks.

But if you survive and if you’re cutout for it the monetary and personal growth results can be immense.


  1. Apply & get accepted to our Digital Asset Investment Event – the Philippines DigiStrats University Program as we make internship offers at the end of it. Find out more information about it at
  2. If the application deadline is closed or the next session is more than 30 days out then submit a video about why you should be chosen to be my protege via the button below. Like many things in life including business you often get minimal guidelines. Do whatever you want with the video. Talk about anything but know that I will judge you on it.
  3. If I like it I’ll respond and schedule an interview call with you. If I do schedule a call DO NOT be late. You get 1 shot.

Eric Weiss

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