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When you’re selling your business you need the right person to represent you in order to:

  1. Get the highest possible price for your business
  2. Execute the transaction in the shortest amount of time possible

We create a custom laser-targeted strategy for you to exit your business by taking you through the following steps:

  1. Identifying the opportunities & un-monetized potential within your business to carefully structure our exit strategy
  2. Creating a customized Prospectus that encompasses your story & the real essence of your business
  3. Leveraging our deep investor network of potential buyers ready to make a quick decision while focusing on extremely targeted strategic buyers rather than taking the shotgun approach
  4. Sending a physical copy of the prospectus to our highly-qualified shortlist of financial and strategic buyers
  5. Providing strategic advice for buyers & understanding their needs in order to expedite the sale, build trust & demonstrate the real potential of your business to them during the management meetings
  6. Preemptively investing in third party due diligence reports to show buyers our full commitment to transparency & to increase the trust immediately placing your business in the top echelon of attractive buyside opportunities

Whereas most brokers use a cookie-cutter strategy, we value our reputation and only take on deals valued at over $250,000 representing businesses that have a monthly EBITDA of at least $10,000. Our sweet spot is in the $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 range.

We only work with a handful of clients at a time because our unorthodox strategy requires dedicated effort, planning & careful execution.

Furthermore, unlike traditional brokers we also execute acquisitions providing us with a unique insight into the market & an ability to tap into a network of high net worth buyers. This competitive advantage gives us the capability build buyer confidence in executing the transaction.

If you desire a powerful exit strategy that commands the highest valuation & an expedited timeline when selling your business then apply for a free valuation analysis & exit strategy consultation below.

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