The DigiStrats University Internet Entrepreneurship Program 2015 – Day 1

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Who would have thought that someone is bold enough to plan a momentous event like this? Let alone pulling it off on a short notice. According to the DS crew, they only had 3 weeks to make this event happen – from inviting guests, preparing the venue and setting up the entire program.

Hats off to the entire DS team!

Now, Eric invited me to be part of DigiStrats University thru Facebook. I was  surprised when he reached out and I was grateful he did. Just like everyone else, I sent a video telling why I should be part of the DigiStrats University.

Long story short, it proved to be one of my personal highlights for 2015.

I’d like to share with you the highlights of this event. Because I know you’re curious about what happened during our 5-day entrepreneurship program.

So, let’s get started.

Day 1 – Getting to know Eric, The whole DS crew and The 6-Figure Project

I met Eric and his crew at A Space Makati. The room was jam packed with folks from different places. I’ve met George, who flew from Barcelona. He’s a programmer and an internet marketer. Michael from Long Beach, California owns a tech company and is planning to expand operation soon. Cebu-based Team KV Social is also present. They flew to Manila just to learn about online marketing. The tandem of Jodel and Rachel represented Team Lead Seven.

Of course, people from Manila is well represented. The attendance goes to show the overwhelming interest in online marketing.

We started with a brief introduction from each participants. Eric then shared a few things about himself, especially his background in ____________________ (Note: why don’t we leave this blank for now so you can find out yourself next year, shall we?).

I thought the biggest takeaway from Day 1 was Eric’s personal formula for success:

  • Working hard
  • Action
  • Team
  • Strategy

Afterwards, we started our discussion around 6-figure launches.

He pointed out where to look for profitable niches like JV’s. We learned about, Warrior JV and Eric discussed the earning potential of sales video creation and where to find people whom you can collaborate with. We also found out that getting in touch with JV’s through is a great way to start an online biz.

With things starting to get rolling, Eric laid-out his 5 step model for 6-figure execution. This is the same framework he followed to build his business. For aspiring marketers like me, his model is a real eye-opener.

Next, we discussed about launching our online business by creating Udemy courses. Eric explained the value of consistent launching Udemy courses, getting in touch with Facebook groups and doing YouTube promotions.

The ultimate agenda of the day was to generate ideas for our very own 6-figure online product. Each participant poured their hearts out in listing their top product launch. As for me, I chose WordPress development and the Beatles as potential 6-figure online products. Unfortunately, we had to scrap the Beatles.

We learned how to research around our pet idea and where to find resources. Eric also showed a simple, yet effective way of naming our product. He then shared his methods for gathering feedback and find out which courses have the best earning potential.

We finished Day 1 by dividing the participants into teams. Each team will create and present their respective Udemy course on the last day. All teams are obviously excited to create their first ever Udemy course; in fact, we left the place at around 11:30 PM.

Day 2 proved to be a blast as we discussed the 6-figure business potential of PowerPoint and software product launches.

Want to know what happened?

Stay tuned!

The next DigiStrats University will happen on Jan/Feb. Grab your slots now as we expect next year’s event to be more action-packed. We prepared more workshops and lessons for you guys so head over to DigiStrats University official page and sign up today.


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