The DigiStrats University Internet Entrepreneurship Program 2015 – Day 2

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Day 2 – The Makings of Design Masters, Webinar Experts and 6-figure Software Launches

As promised, Day 2 was filled with online business mastery.

We started the day with DigiStrat’s master designer Jay, exposing the secret to professional graphic design. He shared what design principle to follow if you want to make your copy stand out. Our in-house designer showed design examples that bring better conversions. He even specified which font to use when creating sales copies.

Next, Clarence – DigiStrat’s graphic design ninja – taught us how to produce videos with Camtasia. He demonstrated how DigiStrats produce high-definition Udemy courses – from pre to post production.

Afterwards, Eric stepped-in to discuss how to launch your own Udemy course. He showed us his personal techniques on how to deliver powerful webinars that command 5-figure sales. He talked about treating a webinar as a salespage – with each section aims to convert your audience. We learned how to deliver powerful intros, build case with proof, have a right mindset, use a pricing table, structure our course, name our guarantees and present our courses with “oomph”.

Ahmet, DigiStrat’s master software engineer, shared guidelines for creating and acquiring 6-figure software products. And here’s the good news: you don’t have to be a programmer to understand this process. In fact, he laid out all you need as simple as possible.
“Creating 6-figure software products is just a matter of having the right system around you, “ explains Eric, “I don’t even know how to code myself, yet I’m launching these products like crazy.”

After the software launch comes establishing your affiliate marketing empire. In this topic, Eric revealed his long-held secret in launching affiliate businesses even without producing products. He showed how he establishes strong relationships with JV’s by formulating mouthwatering bonuses and incentives. We learned the blueprint in crafting click-worthy messages and how to setup our email marketing campaigns.

We spent the rest of the evening discussing with our respective teammates and finalizing our Udemy course project.

Day 3 was full of surprises as we head over to the crazy, moneymaking world of affiliate marketing.

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