3 Habits that Kill?

When we look at success, we usually search for the magic bullet.

Let me share with you a short story.

Last Friday at 11 PM, one of my friends called and asked me what’s up. To which I answered, “I’m working!”

She was SHOCKED! And I couldn’t understand why. I thought, “What’s wrong with working at 11 PM on a Friday night?”

But then I realized that there is a huge difference between the daily habits of extremely successful people and average people.

That “magic bullet” doesn’t exist. It’s extremely rare for people that don’t work hard to succeed.

Actors, models, entertainers, celebrities who we think have easy lives very often work extremely hard behind the scenes.

Even Jordan Belfort whose life was glorified in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street was:

# 1 Super sharp

# 2 When it came down to it worked his butt off even if under the influence of strong uppers

# 3 Had very powerful habits such as giving 2 live energetic motivational speeches to his group of brokers daily.

I was recently at a mastermind and one question an audience asked was, “What does your daily routine look like?”

80% of the top guys wake up extremely early and produce. Check out Richard Branson on waking up early.


What are the 3 habits that will either make you changing your life forever or kill you?

Habit #1 – Choosing a Vibrant Life Full of Energy or One Full of Disease

Your life will be short if you don’t exercise. Heart disease, obesity and sickness will plague you. It might not be now but it adds up. Just like chipping away at success or your business every day in a positive manner, not exercising piles up and destroys you in a negative manner.

I work out 5 times a week because it pumps me with energy. And I do it right in the morning because it allows me to start the day on the right foot: taking care of myself as I kick start my metabolism.


Habit #2 – Choosing between Healthy Eating Habits or Obesity

Eat healthy.

It sounds easy… and it is!

But it’s all about those small habits.

We’ll keep it simple:

  • Avoid bad carbs
  • Order as much fish or poultry (but preferably fish) and vegetables.
  • Stay away from those small deserts, small chocolates, small cheats that will kill you – literally!

Once again, it comes down to strong habits if you want to feel good and full of energy throughout your day and throughout life. Right now, I’m eating my oatmeal and I do that most mornings. Those are healthy carbs…


Habit #3 – Rising Early for a 30 Minute Morning Productivity Session

I know people who sleep their lives away. They hate life and don’t want to get out of bed because it means they’ll have to face reality – which often blows.

Set a time (this one I’m still mastering!) at which you’ll wake up and commit to it. I have a morning routine that I follow where I wake up and produce for 30 minutes. I set this routine at a minimum of 4 times a week to make it manageable.

My production is writing. And yes, I wrote this article during this 30 Minute Morning Productivity Session.

Choose something that drive results.

Contrary to everyone, I don’t recommend reading because it’s a passive activity. Instead, choose something more active such as writing, product creation or even an exercise program. What’s important is that it has to drive some type of massive change and produce results.


What’s Next – A Crazy Dating Life & $100k Launches?

Everything unveils from this.

I then implement other monthly habits. For example, I commit to 1 launch per month for each of my brands because this is my main profit-driving activity. Though strange as it may sound, there is no result attached to any of these commitment because they’re outcome independent. My main focus is the actual commitment of doing it. It is the one that makes everything fall into place.

Here’s another example:
When I was learning social dynamics, I committed to going out a minimum of 5 nights a week. And I had to do at least 5 approaches before I could go home. Once again, it is outcome independent. The mere fact that I did it is enough to get me on a roll and from there the world is mine.

My 30 Minute Morning Productivity Session is over so it’s time to exercise…

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