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While writing, I just came up with a genius idea to create a White Label Software Marketplace. But the problem is that I don’t have the time to implement it – just like most of my ideas.


The idea is to take older, high-quality JVZoo software products that are no longer being sold or monetized by the product creator and open a white label version that can be re-sold by anyone.


Many product creators including Sam Bakker, Karthik Ramani, Martin Crumlish and Neil Napier on occasion offer white label versions of certain products.


The challenge is that there is no aggregate marketplace to purchase these white label deals. Similar to the regular product, the deal is finished once the launch is over. The opportunity lies in creating a marketplace that customers can visit to pick up whatever type of software they need so they can re-sell it.


Take a look at the specifics of this idea. Let me know if someone is eager to pursue an opportunity like this and has all of the skills necessary to do it including abilities to:

-Execute beautiful web design that would rival that of

-Create a unified member’s area

-Solve any technical issues that arise delivering these white label versions

-Create engaging and powerful “review videos” of the white label deals

-Execute weekly webinars to sell a new white label deal each week

-Write 2-3 emails weekly promoting the white label deal


Domain Name for White Label Software Marketplace

Register http://white (available) for this marketplace



  • 1 license: $197
  • 10 licenses: $497
  • 1,000 licenses: $997
  • Option to buy entire product: $19,900
  • Organic traffic commission: 50%


24 Hour Launch Discount

  • 1 license: $97
  • 10: licenses: $297
  • 1,000 licenses: $497
  • Option to buy entire product: $14,900
  • Weekly white label launch webinar same day & same time
  • 1 pre-webinar email & 2 emails promoting launch
  • Webinar commission on white label product creator’s customer list: 50%
  • Special webinar commission running to DigiStrats customer list: 65%



  • 5 to 10-minute demo video about the software created by us
  • Niche (Facebook/Social, Video, Amazon/ecommerce, SEO, Etc.)
  • Key metrics including total sales, total profits, funnel sales, refund rate
  • Copy of code (yes/no)
  • Quick description
  • Screenshot of JVZoo EPCs & refund rates via Sales Funnels
  • Screenshots of JVZoo revenue numbers via Sellers Dashboard
  • Screenshots of JVZoo profit numbers via via Detailed Sales
  • Links to all sales pages
  • Type of sales page (Optimizepress 2.0,, HTML misc.)
  • Buy buttons



This would pose a huge challenge as some software like those of Karthik’s don’t provide the code to the user. Instead, they give you a subdomain and allow you to create as many users as you’d like. Others – such as those from Sam Bakker – give a copy of the code. Therefore, I’d propose 2 solutions:

  1. If receiving a copy of the code, host the code and all deliverables in our unified member’s area.
  2. If subdomain white label version, have the product creator take care of delivery since there is a high probability that this version was sold through JVZoo and an integration already exists.
  • Processed via JVZoo
  • Copy of sales pages
  • Downloadable sales videos
  • Downloadable tutorial videos
  • Software code or integration with JVZoo


Website Lead Magnet

  • Free “White Label Blueprint” Udemy course & PDF
  • Autoresponder selling each white label software with special coupons
  • 10 articles on how to sell White label Software



Every software is created differently; preparing the delivery could be complicated and somewhat un-standardized.



Go to an affiliate and do one white label deal. For example, I reach out to Karthik and take his old software. I work with his team to prepare everything – create the 3 buy buttons and run the webinar for him on his list. I’ll give him the email swipes and create a pre-launch page so all he has to do is send the emails and then show up. I’ll also run a special webinar with bumped commissions to 65% for our own list. If this combined promo generates $5,000 in profits, then this is an idea worth pursuing. If it generates $1,000 or less then probably not since it will be a hard sell for the affiliates as well.



It’s a pretty simple concept. If anyone decides to pursue this project, let me know. Reach out to me via a support ticket at (titling the ticket “WHITE LABEL BUSINESS”).

The person that I am looking for would know how to execute the plan I laid out above with minimal guidance. My value-add would be:

  • The idea
  • A hungry customer community to sell these white label deals to
  • Strategic relationships with affiliates who would supply these white label software
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