[Hiring] CTO for VideoRemix

We are a successful software company with a cutting-edge Video Personalization Platform that has grown from zero to a run rate of over 7-figures top line over the past few months and we need a talented executive to take us to the next level. This is a unique opportunity for those that like to play at the intersection of tech and art, HTML5 Canvas Javascript Motion graphics


This is a working REMOTE position (work from home or remote office). USA Residents can apply though we are specifically seeking Canadian or other international English speakers (If you’re an American expat living abroad, traveler, or resident in another country – then yes we want you).




Check out a few examples of the cool technology that you will be leading:







Something that you won’t be involved in but an interesting fact is we also buy & sell businesses (completed over $7mm of acquisitions just this year) and own equity in these brands:





Our technology is engaging & jaw dropping. On our webinars we often get comments of people “peeing” themselves https://videoremix.io/pee  when they see it & we have a team of full-time engineers constantly improving the platform. It’s an innovative solution in the video personalization space.  http://videoremix.io/forbes


Work from home or travel to our international offices. We travel. Our VP of Sales is in Dominican Republic this month for pleasure after a short stay in Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba and Vegas. Others are in Germany traveling to Thailand. We have many paying international customers in 718+ cities https://share.intercom.io/abQmR08Uojms and they love VideoRemix so much, our team members were able to stay in Aruba and many other countries free with customers.

  1. Fluent. You don’t have to be a native english speaker, 90% of our team is international.  You understand the use cases and business of many different types of users including corporate clients, educational, start-up businesses, real estate agents, car dealerships, etc.
  2. Experience in online marketing and video.


Serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record are seeking a full stack CTO to provide technical leadership and architectural input. We know if a technology company isn’t growing, it’s dying so we strive to always refine and introduce new features based on customers needs and to facilitate sales targets.  We follow SCRUM Methodology where you will fulfill the “Product Owner” role, directing the Lead developer and dev team.



  • Significant input on all aspects of the platform architecture and technical development, from requirement analysis, design, development and delivery.

Manage, direct, and maintain the Creative Design Team which consists of the Motion Graphics (After Effects Expert) & Graphics Designers.  The system requires a leader with both an engineering and artistic design centric mind.  You must have a keen understanding of design, UI, UX human-computer interaction to direct the creation of features for smart dynamic personalized videos.



  • Experience with HTML5 APIs, SVGs, HTML5 Javascript animation libraries such as CreateJS, GSAP, Snap.SVG, HTML5 Canvas motion graphics, PopcornJS

You like https://tympanus.net/codrops/

  • Experience running a SCRUM team with continuous integration, automated testing.
  • Experience with online video editing tools.
  • An appetite for software design tempered with an understanding of practical trade-offs in development (lean, MVP).
  • Engineering Degree



  • NodeJS – Lead our team of skilled engineers.
  • Web and Mobile development
  • Experience with After Effects & Premiere, a keen understanding of conventional video editing tools.
  • Produced “Business videos” before, sales and marketing videos so you understand the needs of our customer base.
  • Amazon AWS, CDN’s and scaling assets to worldwide users under high loads.




  • Reply, letting us know about your CTO, leadership experience & how your technical background qualifies you for this position. Basically why should we work with you?
  • Include a portfolio of graphics and video you have designed before (ideally vimeo, behance, codepen)
  • Tell us your current location. If you are outside of USA, we are more likely to interview you as our corporate culture is travel/international.
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