[Hiring] Sales / Live Webinar Internship

Required skill(s): Perfect Verbal English Speaking Skills, Charisma, Extremely Hard Work Ethic & Determination
Year(s) of Experience: None Required
Job Role: Sales & Webinar Intern
Employment Type: Full-Time
Work Locations: Remote (from home), Europe or Manila offices

Digital Strategies


DigiStrats focuses on private equity style buyouts acquiring online businesses & running SaaS companies. Prominent portfolio companies include:

To find out more about DigiStrats:
https://www.udemy.com/u/digitalstrategies (19,000+ student)
More about Digital Strategies and our Products on Vimeo
Free Udemy Course on How Cash Flow Website Investing


Our main offices are located at the heart of the central business district, opposite Greenbelt 5, at 110 Legaspi Street, Makati City

Sales & Webinar Intern Application

This isn’t easy. It really isn’t…

But the results are impressive, I’m talking taking home 100k+ per year (I’ll let you speak with Adam to verify but at the end of the day nothing is guaranteed and it all depends on you)…

But at first it sucks. Nothing. Zero.

If you’ve seen us do sales webinars you know we crush it. We have over 2,500 students enrolled in our Webinar Alchemy program.

(check the reviews – those people that gave the course anything less than 4 stars will never make it in sales)

We know sales. And we’re looking to expand our sales team and give a select few people the opportunity to join our sales team.

This will be a special opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me & our top team.

If you think you have what it takes to be my webinar/sales intern then apply doing a video telling me why we should choose you.

In order to make this happen you have to be:

  1. Aggressive – If you want to chill by the beach in Thailand this is NOT for you
  2. Good at Sales – We can teach you a LOT but if you don’t have it in you then it’s tough
  3. Willing to Relocate – You’ll have to pay for your own flight and we’ll spend at least a few weeks together with myself & Adam to train you up
  4. Willing to Work for Free – In the beginning for at least the 1st 45 days you won’t make a dime, you have to be hungry enough to do that
  5. Hard-Working – We work 100 hour weeks

After the internship your progress will either be exponential or we’ll tell you to pack your bags and go home.

As the first step  check out Adam’s internship video we made during his stint with us in the Philippines. This was recorded before he made a dime doing sales with us. Check it out here:

This position is not glorious. At first you’ll start as an appointment setter and then you’ll slowly graduate.

I’m taking max 4 people on and I’ll only keep 2 at the end of the internship.

If you think you have what it takes (most people don’t, they just say they want to be millionaires), do your application video (no prompt) and send it to support via the application link below.

Apply now!

Apply Here & Put "Webinar Internship" in the Subject of the Zendesk Ticket

Our Recent Digistrats University Event Happening Once Per Year

Apply now!

Apply Here & Put "Webinar Internship" in the Subject of the Zendesk Ticket