Step-by-Step Money Printing Guide: Your Vision

In the last article I talked about my vision. You can find it here.

Let’s create yours.

If you already have one then great. If not here are 3 simple steps to create it and commit to it. I can summarize it like this:

Understand. Create. Schedule.

Step #1 – Understand What Makes a Powerful Vision

In this step well go over the fundamentals of creating a powerful vision. These are necessary to understand and implement otherwise your vision will be just empty words that you’ll never follow through on.

The Profit Driver Framework

When I think about the main aspects of my vision like creating courses and products I know that those items will directly add to my bottom line. Blog articles and YouTube videos may or may not (long-term yes of course) add to my bottom line so those aren’t #1 on my list.

When you think about your vision think about the profit drivers or the game changers.

For example with working out, bench presses, squats, deadlifts and other compound movements have a way bigger impact on your results and your entire body than forearm curls yet they may take the same amount of time to complete. Whenever it comes to anything think compound movements.

Vision = Decision Framework

I have an article here about my kryptonite. Read it here.

Once you have your vision and your goals it becomes your Decision Framework allowing you to make decisions regarding new opportunities, tasks and projects.

Let’s say I have a random opportunity to export agriculture products from Southeast Asia.

#1 – Is it inline with my current vision/goals. The answer is probably no so let’s pass.

#2 – Is it such a big opportunity that it’s worth it to change your vision or does it require such a minimal effort that it’s worth it to undertake. In most cases the answer will also be no.


Each part of your vision should be actionable. For example, I have in my vision that I need to publish 12 Udemy courses. That is solely dependent on me and very actionable.

If I have something along the lines of “Learn about Udemy” that is not actionable at all, vague and probably won’t add too much value to my life.

Make your vision actionable, quantify it and commit to it.


Your vision should excite your, light you up and be powerful enough that it’s worth living for.

Elicit your own values before creating your vision.

Ask yourself, why do I want money? What FEELING will more money give me that I’m striving for. What FEELING will being in shape give me? These feelings are critical for you to understand. If it’s only a feeling of validation, of significance you’re searching for then that’s too weak to create a powerful vision that will get you up every morning.

Step #2 – Create Your Vision

Take out a piece of paper and start writing. Anything. But start writing the main components of your vision.

I like to split it into:

  • Business Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Icing on the Cake Goals

Create something that works for you but it has to be physical either on a piece of paper, on a white board or at least printed out.

My “Icing on the Cake” goals are ones I want to complete but if I don’t I won’t beat myself up over it.

Do that now before continuing.

Next go back through Step #1 and edit your goals accordingly.

  • Any unactionable goals make them actionable
  • Any goals that really won’t impact your bottom line maybe cross them out and focus and the profit drivers
  • Narrow it down to your true vision and focus

Step #3 – Schedule Your Vision to Make it Real

Go to Asana (find it here) and schedule out your vision.

If it’s Udemy create a task that’s the due date for each launch of each course.

Start making your vision real and if you know you’ll go on vacation one month then schedule around that. Be realistic.

And stick to your vision. Focus and make your dreams turn into your reality.

Now go back through this and create a powerful vision that will light the fire every time you look at it.

Much love,

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