Product Creation Q&A with Brigitta Ballai – Part 1

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Note: Most of you have been asking me about product creation. So we compiled all your questions in a 3-part series. We let Brigitta, the product developer of Video Sales Machine, answer all of them. Our goal is to give you a firsthand info on what’s going on behind the scenes. Just to give you a quick overview, here are some questions Brigitta will answer in this article:

      • Do you have any experience with creating products before Video Sales Machine?
      • How do you choose which product to sell?
      • What is it like to create a product?
      • What mindset should you bring?
      • Any tips for aspiring product developers?

Let’s get started.

About Me

Product creation Q&A with Brigitta BallaiI am a woman in her early 30s with a fairly successful corporate career. I have an MBA and spent the last 10 years working in various IT projects in Europe and the US.

Since I work in IT, I have a decent understanding of computers. I am kind of savvy in social media marketing, worked with Asana project management tool before, ran several presentations and built training modules with PowerPoint.

So I did not start totally from scratch. However, the IM (or Internet Marketing) industry was something I have never experienced before.

A message from Eric made me pack my bags and flew myself to …

I still have Eric Weiss’ email. He sent it to me after we met in person at Budapest back in July. He wanted to make sure I know what I am getting into. He tried to freak me out I think. J

Here is a snapshot from Eric’s message:

[8/15/2015 10:24:04 AM] Eric ‘DigiStrats’ Weiss: Hey Brigitta!

 Was nice meeting you yesterday. I wanted to give you some honest feedback from talking and seeing your work over the past couple of weeks.

 #1 – Your Drive

I love your drive. I love how you’ve been haggling me and pushing to meetup, calling me and everything. Like in “Think and Grow Rich” where Napoleon Hill states that desire is the #1 precursor to success I agree and I think you have this. With this alone anything is possible

 #2 – Your Accent

If we work together you will have to work on the pronunciation of your words. For me I’ve been living in Europe for years so I understand you well but I’m sure with certain Americans they may have a hard time understanding certain things you say. For example, funny thing I work with this British guy and NO ONE can understand him. It’s crazy but he has this “northern” accent. Technically his English should be better than mine as he’s actually English 🙂 So basically slowing down your speech and pronouncing every word you say because when it comes to webinars & videos it will be critical.

 #3 – Unpreparedness

I was surprised you didn’t show me anything at yesterday’s meeting. I asked you to bring something to “impress” me and you didn’t have anything or if you did you didn’t show me.

 #4 – Ethical Concerns

Understand this industry is not the nicest or most ethical industry to be in. You aren’t doing charity and you are doing extremely aggressive sales. Sometimes people buy our products that probably shouldn’t be buying them, it’s not in their best interest and yes we accept their money. We’re not dealing drugs or anything but understand what you’re getting into. If you have a problem with this then it won’t work out long-term.

 #5 – Not Enough Technical Knowledge

I’m still weary about if you’ll be able to lead development. It is something you can learn but it would help if you were more technical to get you up and running faster. It took my one guy 1 whole year to be able to lead development effectively.

 #6 – Not Aggressive Enough

When I close I close hard. You said you will have a problem with closing. We’ll need to change this.

#7 – Money

At the end of the day it’s important for me to say that we are about the profits. We want to bring a lot of money through the door and it does drive our decisions. We’ve done more than $2m across all my brands just this year but we’re aggressively scaling that up. The assets I’m building up right now I will be worth $10m+ during my lifetime and if I do it right then even $100m+ or $1bn+. And I love this. Some people have other goals but it’s important for me to put this out there because even if you do get up to a level where you’re making 6-figures a year it doesn’t stop there. I’m looking to then turn the brand into one that’s pulling in $2m-$5m per year in revenues minimum. 6-figures is just the beginning. We push and we’re going to continue to push. Ask yourself if you have this drive.

With that being said, I give the possibility of your joining the team about a 60-40 chance of working out. I have some reservations as mentioned above but I do think you are a capable individual with drive and am impressed by your past accomplishments.

Think about what I said above. If you’re still excited about the opportunity then I’ll see you in the Philippines starting September 2nd.

As you can see, Eric was very direct with me. He didn’t sugarcoated at all. Which in retrospect, was a big benefit to me.

With the above guidelines in my pocket, I packed my suitcase and started my IM career heading to the Philippines.

I outsourced some tasks to the Philippines before. So, working with a Filipino wasn’t new to me. But I didn’t expected that I would one day visit the Philippines.

My 3-Week Product Creation Experience in the Philippines and Video Sales Machine

I spent about 3 weeks with Eric’s team.

It was obvious that the first product will be something that is easy to handle in a couple of weeks. Therefore, we picked to flip a PowerPoint product. We all know that video is a trendy topic nowadays. I have a TV show in New York City. I also made some video promotions for New York-based entrepreneurs before. It was a no-brainer that we will do a video PowerPoint.

Probably the hardest part is when we had to pick the product’s name: the Video SALES Machine. In retrospect, I have to admit we made a slight mistake when naming our baby. There is already a product out there with the same name. But we did not know about it at that time.

The plan was to finish the product in 4 weeks and do as much as I can. All the while relying less of the process to the team. That’s the reason why I was there in the first place: to learn product creation process from A to Z.

I started the project by finding and purchasing the PowerPoint template that served as a base for our product. I spent the next 3 weeks developing the product and all related system setups like creating sales page, graphics, writing copy, creating videos, setting up JVZoo product, integrating email campaign … the list is endless!

I made sure everything is ready for the launch. And it was a lot of work; more than you can imagine. Besides the product itself, I had to support the sales and marketing funnels as well.

I spent the next 6 weeks, day and night, in the office – including weekends. It was clear to me, that it is just too much. I need the team to rescue me from enormous workload and deep learning curve. I was extremely grateful to the team for supporting me. I would not have probably made it alone.

At the end of the day, we made the launch possible.

Looking back (after spending nearly 2 months developing VSM) I realized Eric was right. You have to be driven enough to follow through and finish a product development in a couple of weeks. You need to be clear with your goals and stay focused. There were nights when I was ready to give it up. Numerous times I walked back to my place at 4am from the office. I simply wanted to go to sleep. There were even moments when I refused to open the PowerPoint slides or read through the same sales page for the 100th time looking for double spaces.

But Eric was strict. He wanted quality. He was right, no question about it. But it is extremely hard to match colors, have a perfect sales pitch and nice graphics all done. At the end of the day, I know that whenever you look at the DS’ page or product, you will recognize quality.

Many internet marketers focus on getting as many product out as they can without paying attention to quality. I am so happy that Video Sales Machine is finally out. I am still tight up with delivering related trainings. I could not think about starting another product development at the same time.

So here is my advice to you about starting on IM: As a true internet marketer, you need to love product creation, must love selling, must be determined and enjoy networking with other marketers. IM is not an easy industry to be in if you want to serve your clients with quality products. The end goal of IM is to earn money while bringing quality products by running as many launches as you can.


What’s Next?

Prior to the launch, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks marketing to JVs. It is an extremely interesting topic so see you at the next post

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