Product Creation Q&A with Brigitta Ballai – Part 3

Product Creation Q&A with Brigitta Ballai

Note: First of all, thank you for following this series and we hope you learned a lot. Second, if you haven’t read them yet, click on the links below for part 1 and part 2 of this series:

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I encourage you to go through them first before continuing with this article. Doing so will give you an overview of what we’ve discussed so far.

As a summary, you’ve learned how to find a product to sell/develop and how to work with JVs so they will promote your product.

Brigitta, Video Sales Machine’s product creator, will answer the last batch of questions from our FB and Udemy community.

Here they are:

  • In a nutshell, how did you ran your launch?
  • Video Sales Machine has currently 734 units sold and $5.47 EPC. How do you plan to increase sales in the next few days?
  • What’s the next product you’re planning to develop?


Product creation Q&A with Brigitta BallaiWe’ve circled the date for our product launch when suddenly …

We scheduled the pre-launch on the 18th of October followed by the official launch on the 27th.

Unfortunately, one of our top affiliates had a launch the day before. We only learned about it after we listed our launch on major affiliate websites.

Big mistake.

There was no question that we had to delay our launch. We had to let our top affiliate promote his product first and then make his customers re-gain some “purchasing lust”.

We chose Friday, October 30, as our final launch date.

It’s still close to the pre-launch date. But we had no choice because I had to leave the Philippines on the 31st.


Product launches aren’t for the faint-hearted

Pre-launch is an opportunity to test the water.

It was huge.

We worked day and night to make VSM ready by pre-launch. The more we inched closer to it, the more stressful it became.

Actually, Eric did not give me much time to feel stressed. He scheduled the pre-launch date 5 days in advance – which was super short.

And within those 5 days, our team had to make everything ready.

It was chaos.

When Eric set the pre-launch date, we didn’t have a membership site yet. We’re arguing about issues around product development and I had no idea how to run the launch. Moreover, Eric was travelling to Europe for a business engagement. We never had much time to discuss the launch considering the time difference between Europe and the Philippines.

Finishing the product was overwhelming. Fortunately, I was able to get some help from other affiliates. I managed to get an outline for a sales webinar and built the presentation deck based on that. I attended other JVs webinars to get an idea about the tone and tactics they use.

However, it didn’t help that much…

The pre-launch was a disaster.

At least, that was how I felt.

Being in the Philippines with unreliable internet, close to nothing GoToWebinar connection and on my first webinar …

I was stressed, lost and uncertain. It didn’t help when Eric finally got a hold of my sales pitch and found it weak!

So, here’s my piece of advice:

Being mentally prepared for a webinar is as important as being ready technically.

I lacked confidence on my first webinar and it was obvious. I miss my team’s positive reinforcement. Also, I found out that running GoToWebinar on my own was not as effective as having my peers with me while doing so.

Fortunately, it was an exclusive pre-launch webinar for our premium clients. We invited them to gather feedback both for the product and for the webinar pitch. It was a great learning experience. I discovered that beta testing and gathering customers’ reaction is essential to a successful launch.

After pre-launch, we spent the next few days finalizing the product, correcting minor issues, working on our sales pitch and promoting to JVs.

The Launch

Eric decided to run a webinar two days before the launch.

At first I was disappointed. But then I realized that this is something I do not have experience on. So I decided to be an organizer instead.

I have to tell you, it was probably the best experience I had on this project. I’ve gotten direct feedbacks from customers about the product I personally developed. I’ve had firsthand experience on the reaction and comments on Eric’s sales pitch. I even saw how sales and EPC can grow during webinars.

From that moment, I saw the pieces coming together. The things that were confusing before had painted a clear, beautiful picture. It was extraordinary.


700+ Sales and $7 EPC

We opened the sales period for the next 72 hours – including a 2-hour early-bird promo that more or less met the industry standards. During this period, we reached over 700+ sales and  $7 EPC; thanks to DigiStrat’s customers and affiliates.

Could we have done better?

Of course.

We could have probably doubled our sales if we spent more time promoting Video Sales Machine. But I’m satisfied … given that I was pressed for time to arrange my flight that is. Plus, it was my first IM product launch.

Developing an IM product and running a launch was a huge learning curve for me. I am proud that we got it done. After all that has happened, we managed to sell more than 700 products in 3 days.

What’s next?

Well, I will stay in the world of internet marketing, but I’ll probably change my business model. Instead of focusing on fire sales in JVZoo, I would work on a longer product life cycle. You might still see Video Sales Machine on platforms like Facebook or Udemy – but it’ll be in a different form.


Final Notes

I suggest you study the market first before launching your product. Find out what ticks them off and what keeps them up at night. Visit online communities and listen to what they’re saying. The funny thing is, your customers will tell you exactly what you have to sell them.

Then, partner with JVs. That’s how you’ll grow your business. JVs are the “voice” – the leading authority whose influence extends to the purchasing power of their followers. Be willing to lend a hand – they’ll appreciate it.

They may ask you to promote their product first, but that’s okay. You’ll be working in a close-knit community where goodwill doesn’t go unnoticed.

Partnering with JVs is one thing. Collaborating with your team is another. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got 3 or 33. What’s important is that you feed off each other’s energy and move together towards a common goal. That’s why communication is key.

Lastly, your launch can be a success or a flop. But who cares? Remember, only a handful of people can think, create and launch a product … and you’re part of the elite few.

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