Supercharging Your List-Building via Your Blog

Increase your list building via your blog

Your list is your audience.

Every person that agrees to give you their email address is saying, “I trust you, I like you and I want to hear from you.”

And as long as you to give value, you can also use your list to make money for a long time.

So how do you get people to “opt-in” or give you their e-mail address?

I’m going to share a detailed strategy that should be very useful as this is the same article I’m giving my team to implement on our DigiStrats blog.


#1 – Write and Publish a Quality Article

I emphasize quality!

I hope you will too.

There is so much junk on the internet that I hope you don’t add to that.

I also recommend creating a corresponding YouTube video to put on top of the article to start getting traffic to your channel.

The article that I will use as a case study is our “How to Make Your First $100 Online – Udemy?” article. I chose this one since it is one of our most popular post:

How To Make Your First $100 Online – Udemy?

#2 – Find a Relevant Bonus to Giveaway

Some people just have a pop-up on their site. We do too.

Of course, though the conversions with the pop-up won’t be as good as an opt-in – which gives you an extremely relevant bonus. For our case study, I’m going to jump into our private Udemy Alchemy program and snatch one of the PDFs that I have there as a giveaway to readers of this article. I chose this PDF since we’re talking about how to make money on Udemy.

Think about it: if you’re reading the above article about Udemy, it means you are extremely interested.

Now, you might still op-in because I’m a good writer and I provide value; even if my pop-up gives away our Product Alchemy Guide. However, if I give you our “Fill-in-the-Blank Udemy Course Outline”, you’re at least twice as likely to enter your email address.

So, I’m just going to go into my Udemy Alchemy Program and find a relevant “bonus” – which in this case is exactly that: the “Fill-in-the-Blank Udemy Course Outline.”

Udemy course as leadmagnet



#3 – Add LeadMagnet Opt-In Bonus in


Add the bonus by selecting Lead Magnet Delivery and then uploading the PDF.




Once it’s uploaded it should look like this.



Here is your $100k Product Alchem Guide – use with care! Uploaded! “c9777óbd-cc22-416c-93ed-fb2ó4óO37fba.pdf” has been successfully uploaded. Asset Name Udemy “Fill-in-the-Blank” Course Outline Message r Sender Name Eric Weiss Sender Email eric@d igistrats.zen des k,c c: T Download your bonus Udemy “Fill-in-the-Blank” Course Outline here. Welcome to- SAVE Fill ¡n all of these” height=”314″ width=”576″>


#4 – Create / Clone a LeadBox


If you don’t have a subscription, then, you can use other services. Click on “LeadBoxes” within your dashboard.



I like to clone a LeadBox that’s working. The main pop-up on our DigiStrats box is also created via this LeadBoxes feature so I’ll clone that. And then, I’ll customize it according to the Udemy bonus I am offering.


Clone it here:



#5 – Customize the LeadBox Copy and Settings


Change the name and the copy within the LeadBox:




Ensure that you are integrated with whatever autoresponder you are using; whether it’s GetResponse or Interspire. An autoresponder add the leads who enter their emails to your list. We use Interspire. By selecting ds_main, every single person will be exposed to a 30+ part autoresponder filled with a ton of value to help us solidify that relationship.




Select the Lead Magnet here:




Edit the message here. In fact, I’ve decided to elaborate and beef it up so here is the new message:


Download your bonus Udemy “Fill-in-the-Blank” Course Outline here.

In a few moments you’ll also receive another bonus e-mail that will give you our 100k Product Creation Outline along with a few lines about myself, Eric Weiss. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll also send you a few “value” e-mails about:

-product creation


-creating online businesses

-50k webinars, 100k copy and more


Welcome to the DigiStrats community!


Check it out here:



Then save and publish:




Afterwards, this screen will appear:


Now, just paste the code into a text file as we will then input it into each blog article. Paste it onceat the bottom of the blog article so people can opt-in and download their relevant bonus and you can build your list. Note that Firefox will make one LeadBox unclickable if you have 2 LeadBoxes on a page (you can test this) so you can only have one LeadBox per page.

#6 – Integrate into Blog Post

If I look at our ds_main_leadbox_buy_website_version LeadBox then the code that I would have pasted into the text file to use later looks like this:

<a target=”_blank” href=”“>Click Here to Apply to the Exclusive Buyer Community</a><script data-leadbox=”14385a373f72a2:16fc50e63b46dc” data-url=”” data-config=”%7B%7D” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

I have bolded the most important parts. Now let me go into the page/post where I want to place this LeadBox. The specific page for this is:

We use Visual Composer (you have to be using Visual Composer otherwise this won’t work) and the page in WordPress looks like this:


Scroll to the bottom of the post/page where you’ll most likely want to put the LeadBox and click “append to this column”:


Select the Call to Action Button:


Input the relevant CTA text and the URL from the code you pasted in the text file above. For this specific example in the URL (Link) you would paste:


Check that the rest of the fields are correct per the screenshot below:


Once you save changes scroll up and “prepend to this column”:


Select Raw JS:


Paste the script from the code pasted to the text file. In this specific example you would paste in there:

<script data-leadbox=”14385a373f72a2:16fc50e63b46dc” data-url=”” data-config=”%7B%7D” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>


Publish and the LeadBox should work correctly.


For now let’s not do exit pops for any posts. That’s it! You now have a nice hot LeadBox that can be added to each post.






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