How to Turn a $100 Purchase into a $20,000+ Product Launch

In this article I go over:


  • How to turn a PowerPoint into $20,000+ of sales
  • The 5-steps to restructuring PowerPoints on a secret site into sellable products
  • How to acquire golden products for as little as $100
  • The value-add of professional product creators who know what their target audience desires

Why Starting an Online Business is a Scam

Starting an online business is a scam.

You’ve seen those salespages that know how to hit every single one of your emotional triggers.

They give you hope…

And according to everyone around you who has never tried to start an online business they’re a scam so you start believing that too.

That’s what I thought too…

Until I saw a lady for who I did a PowerPoint on Fiverr turn around and flip my work for which I got paid $4 for a healthy profit by selling 1,000+ copies at $7 and a couple hundred upsells at $17. I was shocked!

A freaking PowerPoint! What?

Over $15,000 of sales from a stupid PowerPoint!!!

I was floored.

Until I repeated the exact same feat also with a stupidly simple PowerPoint a few weeks later.

This time it was $20,000+ in sales

Let me tell you a secret…

Seriously an insider strategy that we never wanted to reveal until I decided to pull off the cape from our business with the launch of DigiStrats.

This is seriously alchemy. Turning coal into 24 karat gold.

Alchemist’s Goldmine:

Most people come to (specifically seeing the PowerPoints there thinking it’s just a bunch of templates.

Screenshot of over 1,000 PowerPoint templates on Graphicriver

Graphicriver PowerPoint Templates

5-Steps to Turn a PowerPoint into $20,000

The true opportunist sees 5-steps:

Step #1: Choose Your Niche

What types of niches need PowerPoints?

Think. Any local niche that has local consultants who regularly pitch marketing services to local businesses such as restaurants and lawyers.

These include:

  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Mobile
  • Facebook
  • Reputation management
  • PPC/paid traffic

What about realtors so they can pitch their clients?

What about a templatized webinar pitch deck?

Just think.

Now remember your target market. For all the above I’m selling to local marketers or internet marketers.

I don’t want to actually do the SEO, social media or other client work for local clients…

Some people like doing Facebook marketing for local clients and they do it well but I prefer selling the PowerPoint product that can get 1,000+ of sales.

The local marketers then themselves will be using your PowerPoint to sell and close customers/clients.

Step #2: Find a PowerPoint Template for $100

Your goldmine will be PowerPoints on Choose PowerPoint and not Keynote templates because PowerPoint is universal.

Search there either for the “newest” or for “trending” PowerPoints.

Image of how to find newest & trending PowerPoint templates on

Newest & Trending PowerPoint Templates

You don’t want the most popular ones because design changes and many of these sellers on have 100s of sales because they’ve accumulated them over the past few years meaning their PowerPoint might be 2 to 4 years old.

Image of how a bestselling PowerPoint template is popular with many sales but outdated

How Bestselling PowerPoint Templates are Not the Newest Designs

These people are unlikely to want to sell you the resale rights since they’re already making enough money.

Once you select 10 PowerPoint templates then contact the owners.

Step #3: Acquire a PowerPoint

Contact the product creator by clicking on their username and find them via Facebook, Twitter, their website or their support desk.

Image of How to Contact Product Creators Through Envato via their Social Media Profiles

How to Contact Product Creators Through Envato via their Social Media Profiles

Try to NOT contact them via Envato (the mother company of as you might want to do a deal with the product creator off of Envato.

Use this script:


Hello –

This is [] from []. I really like your [] product and would like to purchase the resell rights from you. The product will be changed up quite a bit (won’t even be recognizable) and further develop it so that it would be compliant with the [] rules so that you can continue selling it on []. You could continue selling it on [] and like I mentioned we have done this before so we know it wouldn’t violate any rules.

Let me know what you think and if yes then what you would propose as a price that we could purchase these rights for the product from you.



Think about it – some of these guys create these beautiful PowerPoints and get about 5 sales.

They’ll be excited if you make them this offer!

Now resale is covered by the Envato Extended License. The details can be found here:

Image of how Graphicriver Extended License Covers Resale Rights

Graphicriver Extended License Covers Resale Rights

But you NEED explicit permission.

Trust me…

If you then resell the PowerPoint and the product creator finds out they will be upset that you got 1,000 sales with their PowerPoint which they maybe made less than $100 from.

You may legally be able to resell it but if they tarnish your reputation even when you bought the extended license then by then it’s too late and you will lose $1,000s from missed sales and a loss of trust with your customers.

Translation: Get Explicit Approval

You might get a deal like I did negotiating down with the product creator by $20 from $120 to $100. It’s nothing but for some people starting out every dollar counts.

Image of How to Negotiated and Acquired PowerPoint Resale Rights

How I Negotiated and Acquired PowerPoint Resale Rights

Step #4: Restructure a $100 Product into a $20,000 One

It’s simple.

Jay-Z once said in reference to why he uses simpler lyrics and raps slower nowadays: “I dumbed down my lyrics and doubled my dollars.”

Developers, graphics designers and most people out there think people want choices.

You even think you want choices. Freedom. Flexibility.

You’ll battle me on this but it’s simply false for 90% of the population.

It’s called the “paradox of choice.”

Check out this very well put together video:

What I’m getting at is if I’m a world class chef and I give you a recipe that looks like this:

Add varying quantities depending on how you like it:

  • 1 to 4 eggs
  • Half a gallon to 1 gallon of milk
  • 1 to 3 pounds of dough


Here is my exact award winning recipe:

  • 1.5 eggs
  • 1.9 liters of milk
  • 2.2 pounds of dough

Which one is more appealing to you?

The second one. It’s precise and exact. No room for error.

Most people when teaching courses and creating products opt for choice A because they think their customer wants to choose but this just leaves the customer perplexed.

Even I hate choice. I always tell my more technical employees to give me exact instructions!

They’re the experts and they know me so they should make the choice for me rather than making me wrestle with the decision.

What I mean by this is that your products such as your PowerPoints should NEVER have “lorem ipsum” text.

They should ALWAYS be ready to use right out of the box.

You’re the expert. Make all the “copy” decisions on behalf of your customer inputting text on each slide of the PowerPoint pitch deck that they will receive when they buy.

They will thank you for it.

So…restructure the PowerPoint by making it Done-for-You right out of the box.

  1. Done-for-you copy.
  2. Done-for-you licensed graphics.
  3. Done-for-you pitch.

That’s your value add and what unfortunately most technical people don’t understand because they use Linux rather than the dead simple to use Apple products that provide customers with limited flexibility and limited choices but sell really well.

And your target market is usually not the 10 percent of people who need to have control over everything.

Your target market is the 90 percent that need you to make the decision for them.

Step #5: The $20k Launch

This step is much more complicated but if it’s a local marketing PowerPoint I recommend using JVZoo.

For a detailed step-by-step I recommend our Product Creation Alchemy course, which you can purchase here.

Action Step: Buy a PowerPoint, Restructure & Launch It!

Complete the Action Steps in this article and jump right into it!

Seriously it’s not that hard and you’ll learn tons through the process even if you do a couple thousand in sales.

If I was starting all over again I would launch either a Udemy course or a PowerPoint as my first product. That’s how powerful this is. Will change your life forever if you apply it.


-Eric Weiss and the DigiStrats Team

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